Give Love to Receive Love

20160401_125147Good Rain

By Trevor Hall

If there’s a hole in your soul
You better fill it
If your cup is over flowing
Don’t spill it, you better hold it

While the whole world is spinning around
And when your eyes look down at another
Just remember that he’s your own brother
This kind of love ain’t gonna go under
I’ve found and when you love one another

Only good rain comes down
And if you’re feeling
Like you’ve stopped learning
If the wood in your fire ain’t burning
You better sparkle a match

Start turning your wheel
You better turn in so it’s right
Start living, stop taking and start giving
This is the one thing missing
I feel the love of one another is the only thing real

Well don’t let your blessings turn into stone
That kind of life will live you all alone
If there’s a hole in your soul you better fill it
If your cup is over flowing don’t spill it

You better hold it while the whole world is spinning around
Well don’t let your blessings turn into stone
That kind of live will live you all alone
And if your heart id troubled by a feeling
Just remember there’s a way the spark healing

The first step is when you start believing
It’s real and this is the only thing missing
I feel ohh I feel
The love of one another is the only thing real


As a sat last night in a cicle among friends, my family, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of love, of brother and sisterhood. People from all different walks, gathered together to pray. The lyrics of this song were my prayers for the human race.

What would the world look like if we stopped judging each other and loved each other instead? How full would you heart feel? How much beauty would we be living in? How could you have self-hate when you are living loving awareness, vibrating on a pure frequency of love?

I challenge you, over the next week, find something to love in every person you come across. Try to exude love, even when hate is thrown at you. See how you feel about yourself and the world at the end of the week. I would love to hear your experience.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Beauty and Light,


Lavender Love

Lavender Love

Can you feel it?

Spring is in the air! It has actually felt a lot like spring for a while here in Colorado. I am not complaining about the unseasonably warm weather, I don’t do well with the cold. While I was in Dallas recently, there were beautiful trees budding everywhere. This look is inspired by the beauty and sweet scent that spring brings.

Do you believe in the perfectness of where you are?

TRRB1VTGJDI am a huge advocate for personal growth. I have made it one of my life’s purposes, but that does not mean I don’t love myself for exactly who I am right now.

My dad once asked me, “At what point do you stop doing all of this work and just say, this is who I am”. My response to him was, “Never”. I believe that if we are not moving forward, we start moving back. I know this from personal expereince, I have felt it. Sure, you can stay stagnant for a period of time, but who wants to feel that?

That being said, I fully accept and love myself for who I am and where I am at this exact moment. I used to believe that there was something wrong with me, that I needed to be “fixed”. I would perpetuate this negative self talk and it would only bring me down. There is nothing wrong with you. Depression, mood swings, difficulty loving, there is NOTHING wrong with you! Today, I say, “I love myself wholy, but what can I be doing to grow?”. No blame, no guilt, just learning from where I am, and moving forward.

Just for today, try to be that kind, loving voice for yourself. Tell yourself that you are perfect just as you are, then find something you can do to grow in a manner you would like. Whether it be to try meditation for just 5 minutes, or getting up earlier to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning rather than running around to get out the door on time. Then try to do the same tomorrow. When you don’t accomplish a goal you set, don’t beat yourself up, accept that it did not happen today, that’s ok, and shoot for tomorrow. Shaming yourself has NO positive effect, it will not motivate you more tomorrow, it will actually do the opposite. So be loving to yourself, grow, flourish, you are beauitful and you have all of the power within you!

Beauty and Light,

Who Cares What They Think?

photo-1422132940975-a71d3ffef351I was listening to a song this morning called “Love is my Religion” by Ziggy Marley. A line from the song struck me and made me think about how free we could all be if we did not have a concern for what others thought of us. The lyrics are as follows:

“So don’t let nobody stop us
Free spirits have to soar
With you, I share the gift
The gift that we now know”

How would you live your life if you lived without the fear of what others would think about you? Would you dance like no one was watching? Go for your dream job? Wear what made you feel beautiful?

Shortly after moving to Colorado, I can remember going to a huge outdoor party a friend of mine throws every year after. There was live music and everyone was dancing, having a great time. I will still so insecure in myself then, I stood on the sidelines watching everyone dancing and laughing. It looked like they were having so much fun, but I was so self-conscious, I didn’t dare step onto the dance floor. A year later, I had done a lot of work on myself and had a built upon my self-confidence. I didn’t stand on the sides, wanting so badly to dance, but too terrified because I didn’t want to be judged. I got out there and just DANCED!….and you know what, I had a blast, and people gravitated to me.

When we are our authentic selves, people feel pulled towards us. That is what I have experienced in all of the work I have done. What I also know though, is that not everyone gets along with everyone. There are certain people that I just do not click with, thusly, I don’t expect that everyone will like me, and that’s ok. I don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. As long as I know I am being true to who I am, and in that, loving myself, that is all that matters. So be you, and let your spirit soar!

Beauty and Light,

Why this logo?



I haven’t posted for a good minute because I have been working on¬†designing the new logo for Style Your Spirit. I love how it turned out and I hope it gives the same warm feeling to those that see it. I wanted to take a minute to explain what the logo means to me. Part of my business is about helping you build your wardrobe and define your style, so I chose to use the hanger to represent that portion of my work. The heart is done as a branch to represent the growth you will experience in going through the Self Love Course. Just as a tree has cycles, starting as a seed, it is my hope to nourish that seed or hope within you and help your branches grow bright and beautiful. When we learn to love ourselves, our spirit shines through in a way that others can see, and we can feel in our heart. Lastly, the wings represent the freedom you feel when you learn to truly love yourself.

Beauty and Light,

A New Beginning

To follow up on my last post, I’m so excited to announce that I am changing the name of my company to better suit my intentions for starting this business. Reveal Image has now officially become ‘Style Your Spirit’. It has been my desire to help men and women express who they are through what they wear, and help them feel more confident and comfortable within them selves. Contrarily, I don’t believe that styling alone helps one achieve this if they struggle with low self-esteem. I could style you in an outfit that seems to be sent from above- made just for you- but if you don’t have love for yourself, the feeling of confidence will quickly fade, if it even comes at all. After my year or so of difficulty, my focus became finding my self-love again. It took a lot of soul searching, soul-finding, and soul-loving, but what I have gained has been huge. I have found myself again! My own struggles with self-esteem throughout my life along with getting through this trial- and many others- made me realize my life’s purpose. I want to help women find the self-love they’ve lost, or may have never had. Due to the complexities that can cause us to have low self-esteem, I am still working on putting together a “Self-Love Journey” program. In actuality, it will be several programs, that will be tailored, as we are all individuals with our own pasts. It is my hope to make the future of my clients’ one that is filled with self-love, joy, freedom, and happiness. You shouldn’t have to struggle, you don’t have to struggle alone, and you can learn what it means to love yourself. I believe this work is so important, initially, I will only be offering my image consulting services, but I hope to soon be working with beautiful women to change the way they look at themselves and the world around them. Thank you for all that have supported me along my journey and helped me to realize what I have to give to this world.

Light and Love,