Fall Cleaning!

Forget spring cleaning, it’s time for fall cleaning! You can almost feel the crispness in the air, but it’s not quite here yet. That makes it the perfect time to go through all of those summer clothes and make way for all of the wonderful sweaters you’ll be snuggling up in soon enough. With the weather still being nice enough to sit outside, why not have a garage sale to make a little extra money? Maybe you can use it for a weekend getting away to enjoy the leaves once they start changing, or you can just use it to buy more of those glorious sweaters!

I personally have decided to set up shop this weekend with a”mini sale”, primary selling clothes and jewelry that have reached the end of their road with me, along with some other random items. I’m utilizing gsalr.com to let the world know where to come buy my stuff! It’s a great site where you can advertise your sale for free:

a href=”http://gsalr.com/list-garage-sale&#8221; title=”Advertise your garage sale”>List your garage sale on gsalr.com</a>

I plan to donate anything that’s left, but you could also post your items on the app Offer Up, which is like Craigslist but much easier to browse through in my opinion. Just don’t get caught up looking at all of the items for sale in your area or you’ll end up blowing all of the cash you just made! 

Other options would be to post your items on sites like Postmark, Tradesy, or Twice, which are geared toward selling your unwanted clothing.

Time to start sifting!


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