DIY Mad Hatter – Alice in Wonderland


DIY Mad Hatter - Alice in Wonderland

If you’re just now realizing you must have been stuck in the Twilight Zone because Halloween is THIS weekend, fear not! In my opinion, the best Halloween costumes are those you have to spend little or no money on. The years of generic $80 Halloween costumes are behind me, I now chose to make my own…and trust me, it really makes you stand out in the crowd when you aren’t 1 of 7 other sexy nurses. While I didn’t go QUITE as all out as last year (spending 6 hours straight painting a white tube dress to look like one of Bob Ross’ paintings), I only spent about $10 on my costume this year.

A last minute costume can be easier than you think, you often have most of the makings of a fabulous costume in your closet. I gave the example of the Mad Hatter as I recently returned from Disneyland (was it magical? ABSOLUTELY!!), where my brother and I dressed up as Mad Hatters for the Mickey Halloween Party. My entire costume was made from items in my closet with the exception of the hat.

A quick search on YouTube of “Mad Hatter Costume” and I found a great video for creating the perfect Mad Hatter hat to match my costume. I spent about $7 on a grey fabric with swirly, “Mad Hatteresque” designs, then just used a cardboard box I had at home. It turned out wonderfully….though, I suggest finding a box that isn’t super thick cardboard….I may have left Disneyland with a lovely bruise on my forehead from the weight of my hat.

It’s tea time! Enjoy Halloween everyone and stay safe! I’d love to see some pictures of the costumes you create!!


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