A New Beginning

To follow up on my last post, I’m so excited to announce that I am changing the name of my company to better suit my intentions for starting this business. Reveal Image has now officially become ‘Style Your Spirit’. It has been my desire to help men and women express who they are through what they wear, and help them feel more confident and comfortable within them selves. Contrarily, I don’t believe that styling alone helps one achieve this if they struggle with low self-esteem. I could style you in an outfit that seems to be sent from above- made just for you- but if you don’t have love for yourself, the feeling of confidence will quickly fade, if it even comes at all. After my year or so of difficulty, my focus became finding my self-love again. It took a lot of soul searching, soul-finding, and soul-loving, but what I have gained has been huge. I have found myself again! My own struggles with self-esteem throughout my life along with getting through this trial- and many others- made me realize my life’s purpose. I want to help women find the self-love they’ve lost, or may have never had. Due to the complexities that can cause us to have low self-esteem, I am still working on putting together a “Self-Love Journey” program. In actuality, it will be several programs, that will be tailored, as we are all individuals with our own pasts. It is my hope to make the future of my clients’ one that is filled with self-love, joy, freedom, and happiness. You shouldn’t have to struggle, you don’t have to struggle alone, and you can learn what it means to love yourself. I believe this work is so important, initially, I will only be offering my image consulting services, but I hope to soon be working with beautiful women to change the way they look at themselves and the world around them. Thank you for all that have supported me along my journey and helped me to realize what I have to give to this world.

Light and Love,


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