Why this logo?



I haven’t posted for a good minute because I have been working on designing the new logo for Style Your Spirit. I love how it turned out and I hope it gives the same warm feeling to those that see it. I wanted to take a minute to explain what the logo means to me. Part of my business is about helping you build your wardrobe and define your style, so I chose to use the hanger to represent that portion of my work. The heart is done as a branch to represent the growth you will experience in going through the Self Love Course. Just as a tree has cycles, starting as a seed, it is my hope to nourish that seed or hope within you and help your branches grow bright and beautiful. When we learn to love ourselves, our spirit shines through in a way that others can see, and we can feel in our heart. Lastly, the wings represent the freedom you feel when you learn to truly love yourself.

Beauty and Light,


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