Rising Above the Ashes

I had a very difficult year and a half about a year ago. I was in a very dark place for quite some time while dealing with childhood trauma. I became depressed and was amazed I was able to even get up and go to work each day. I was just barely surviving, I felt like I was in limbo, I completely lost my sense of self. Getting so far away from Creator and detaching from everyone and everything, I lost all of the love I had for myself, the deep, pure love it took me so long to find. Since rising above my struggles, I have been thinking a lot about what my intent with my business is and the change I hope to make in people’s lives through it. I know others have felt this, the lack of self-confidence, self-love, believing that we’re enough, or that we’re lovable. It can be helpful to know that you are not alone. I have struggled with these feelings at many points in my life, due to various reason. If you are comfortable with it, please share what has or is contributing to that feeling in you. If you aren’t comfortable posting publicly, please send me a private message. If you do post here, but would like to talk more in private, please send me a message after you post. I would be honored to be someone you feel you can open up to, instead of keeping all of those feelings inside. Believe in the beauty that you possess!

Light and Love,


Shift Dress- Shifts from day to night

Shift dress- Shifts from day to night


So you have a big holiday or office party to attend. You’re ready to pop the bottles and enjoy some time with friends and family….you just have one big problem, the party is on Christmas Eve and you’ll be under “the man’s” thumb until 6. You hardly have time to say “Heck the Halls”, let alone go home to find a whole new outfit to wear to the party. Fear not! Taking a work outfit from day to a night outfit for a holiday party is not as difficult as you might think.

Let’s take it from the top, your makeup. Honestly, after 8+ hours of what has felt like endless work, your makeup is probably half smeared down your face- not the greatest look! Bring a simple makeup wipe to remove any fallen mascara. Freshen up the face with a little bit of bronzer and a darker blush. Throw on some eyeliner and create a smokey eye using a darker color, such as black, grey, brown, or burgundy. Now the lips, go with a bold, darker color. Be sure to use a liner first, filling the entire lip, then go over it with the lipstick. This will help the color last through the night. Gorgeous darling!

The outfit. Accessories are our friend here ladies. While dressing for the work day, you may have not bothered throwing any jewelry on before rushing out the door. Just grabbing an exciting necklace to go with your night look can make all the different. Here’s a good question to ask yourself when choosing, “Is this a piece people would stop to comment on”? If so, that’s perfect! Ditch the business look by replacing your blazer or sweater with, again, something that will stand out more, maybe a leather jacket, a timeless long coat, or a (faux fur please!) coat or wrap. So the outfit still stands out minus the coat, let’s think about our bottom half. When it comes to the bottom, think sexy is better. Is your pencil skirt with beige tights going to translate well into the night? Probably not. Some lacey tights can really help transform your look, or change the skirt all together, maybe just a touch above the knee. đŸ˜‰ Lastly, shoes! Ditch the flats, we’re counting those 1/2-1 inch heels here, they just don’t quite say, I am one sexy lady, look out world! Go for some heeled booties or high heels. If you’re like me, stilettos equal disaster. You’re not going to be looking very confident when you can hardly put one foot in front of the other. Choose heels you will be comfortable in so you can be the social butterfly you are, without tripping and spilling your drink all over the guy you’ve been crushing on for the last 3 months.

Let you’re inner beauty shine this season, you are that twinkling star at the top of that Christmas tree, only brighter! Don’t forget to be prepared with the items you need for a smooth transition from day to night. Also, don’t forget that this is a time to reflect on all that we have, spend some time thinking about the blessing that YOU are and that you have to share with this world. Have a Happy Holiday all! I will see you in the New Year.

Beauty and Light,

If you need any tips or have any questions, feel free to post a comment, all get back to you ASAP.